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Here’s how all this Seaweed stuff started

So if you’re wondering what all these recent posts about Seaweed are I’ll fill you in.  A couple of weeks ago my good friend and golf buddy Jack and I went up to bring a friend’s boat down from the Chesapeake or actually a place a little ways off on the Wye River.  The boat belongs to some other long time good friends of our’s Bo and Don Tonelli.  I won’t go into details about why but suffice it to say our buddy Don is very busy with much more important stuff.  Now Don was sure glad to have us doing this for him but I have to say I know he was very concerned about anybody other than him bringing his boat back.  Wouldn’t any of us be a little concerned?  So here’s the very first photo of this adventure.  This was taken well before we departed when Don was going over the details we needed to know about his baby.  Thanks for all the effort Don, it helped a lot.


The pace continues!

Hi folks,

I’m in Dallas now for our niece’s wedding and I spoke with Jack earlier this morning.  He and Sue departed Thunderbolt this morning about 7:15 am and were well on their way by the time I spoke with them.  Their target anchorage is 65 miles today and Sue has the navigation planned out for a Thursday arrival.  You go girl!

The alternator still doesn’t appear to be charging but the genset makes up for this very easily but running it a couple of hours per day.  So all is well on Seaweed and the record pace continues with the new crew!


Photos for Don

I think Don’s a little surprised at the great time we’re long distance we’re making and he may think we’ve been running the engine too hard so I took these photo’s.  As you can see we were 1700-1750 all the way.  We got a LOT of help from the tide and we ran longish days from first light around 6:45- 7:00 am till 4:30 pm or later.  A couple of times we ran ’till close to 6 pm.  By the time we got to Thunderbolt we were on target to make the entire trip from the Wye River off the Chesapeake to the crossroads at the St Lucie inlet in 14 days.  Not Bad!





Wednesday October 17, evening report

We made Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah GA around 12:30 pm today.  Jack has it more like 121:15 pm.  Either way we’re continuing to make great time.  Departure from the Wye River was just 9 days ago and we’re now well over half way home.  We’re also making some changes.  We’ll take a little breather here and do a partial crew change.  Jack’s wife Sue is coming up with our friends Jim and Binnie Luciano.  Sue will continue the trip home with Jack and I will be attending a wedding in Dallas.  If all goes well Sue and Jack will probably bring the boat home the rest of the way.  Just in case they want a relief team Robin and I will be on call until they pull in to Tarpon Bay.  I’ve had a great trip down with Jack and got to do a trip I’ve always wanted to do.

So now we’ll spend a couple of days relaxing and visiting with Jim and Binnie then the trip will continue with Sue and Jack.  I think Jack and I were very compatible as co-captains and at the same time I’m also very certain he’ll much prefer Sue the rest of the way.  See you guys back at TBYC



Port Tank: 17″

Stbd Tank: 19″

Engine Hours: 4491.4

Maint performed:

Changed potable water filter

Added 1 qt Rotella T to main engine to bring level back up to red dot

Checked connections to alternator and found them all to be tight and clean


Below are a couple of photos of the thunderheads forming the day we arrived at our anchorage at White Side Creek:




We got a LOT of real nice sunsets.



Yours truly after I finally shaved:



I can’t remember which bridge this was.  It was a real treat for me to go right around all those sailboats without waiting for an opening.



Tuesday October 16, Beaufort!

We made the anchorage a lot quicker than plan with a favorable tide most of the day.  Our anchorage was well south of the traditional area just outside the city marina because there are so many private mooring balls.  We got in around 4 pm and made our phone calls then dinghied in to get a little walk around Main Street and  have a light dinner at Luther’s.  We also went pretty light on the drinks since we over-indulged a little at last night’s stop in Whiteside Creek.  That’s also a day that we missed an entire report.  I’ll see if I can get that up to day later today.

The  houses along the waterway were spectacular as were the first sights of Spanish Moss indicating we were well south now.  But the most spectacular sights were the dolphins near almost every inlet.  There were the smaller black variety and quite a few pods of the larger grey, very playful type.  They seemed to enjoy getting right along side the boat and keeping up with us to take a good look at the boat when they surfaced for air.  I got some video and I’ll try to add it later today also.


Port Tank: 181/2″

Stbd Tank: 21″

Engine Hours: 4485.8

Sunday October 14, evening report

Sorry about the delayed report, no internet again  at Osprey Marina yesterday.  Osprey is at mile marker 373 and so we made another 80 mile day.  It was a relatively easy run with only a couple of bridges and a lot of spectacular homes along the  water.  I’ll add the photo’s later on when we get better internet.  We pulled in a little after 4 pm, after I made a slight navigation error by confusing an open railroad bridge with the Socastee bridge… it was pretty obvious right after I called the marina on the radio to let them know we wouldn’t need them to stay open late.  Things just didn’t looke like they should have on the chart but there are very few markers in this area so a quick check at our latitude fix proved my error up fairly fast.  So I made the embarrassing call back to the marina that I’d be a little later than my previous call.  The radio operator was very gracious and didn’t ask what had happened.  Entering Osprey is a little like turning the boat into a narrow creek with large trees on both sides.  It shows on the chart as an oxbow but I couldn’t find another entrance.  The marina holds a lot of boats in a very small super well-protected cove which also means it’s very tight.  We stopped at the fuel dock and our friend Larry of Larry and Margie from Tarpon Bay were there to greet and help with lines.  After taking on 155 gal and getting into a slip Larry indicated there was a great Italian restaurant close by that would provide transportation.  So we all had a great meal together with some very nice Chianti.  We also got a tour of their boat, wow!  That Hampton is more like a luxury yeacht than a trawler.  Two ice machines!!!

Osprey has very helpful staff and superb prices, $.30 cheaper diesel than anybody around.  The facilities are clean and functional but fancy and the restroom/shower only had room for one at a time which was kind of surprising for a place that had at lest 50 boats.

Seaweed continues to operate very well although the bow thruster is not working.  The battery seems to have discharged and is not charging.  Larry suspects the battery is bad.  But so far we’re able to dock as needed without the thruster just using the reverse port pull.  Only other thing we’ve noticed is this morning departing Osprey the port navigation light was out.  We’ll try to fix this to night or at Thunderbolt if we can’t find a bulb.  Our fine stretch of great weather will end tomorrow as a strong front passes through bringing thunderstorms and low 50 degree weather.  Luckily for me, the cold weather wimp, the genset and heaters work great on this boat.

I’ll add the photo’s later.


Boat Readings (before loading fuel)

Port tank: 13.5″

Stbd tank: 17″

After loading 155 gal we were 24.5′+ on each tank

Engine Hours:4467.6