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Here’s how all this Seaweed stuff started

So if you’re wondering what all these recent posts about Seaweed are I’ll fill you in.  A couple of weeks ago my good friend and golf buddy Jack and I went up to bring a friend’s boat down from the Chesapeake or actually a place a little ways off on the Wye River.  The boat belongs to some other long time good friends of our’s Bo and Don Tonelli.  I won’t go into details about why but suffice it to say our buddy Don is very busy with much more important stuff.  Now Don was sure glad to have us doing this for him but I have to say I know he was very concerned about anybody other than him bringing his boat back.  Wouldn’t any of us be a little concerned?  So here’s the very first photo of this adventure.  This was taken well before we departed when Don was going over the details we needed to know about his baby.  Thanks for all the effort Don, it helped a lot.


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