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Blairpage changes?


If you check this page often you’ll see it changes a LOT!  That’s because we are currently experimenting with this site to test out new ways to create and maintain our website.  Our main website is now  In time we plan to have everything there that we used to have on along with all our photo’s and files we’ve accumulated on

So what happened to  I’ve owned blairpage for many years and mostly it was associated with adventures aboard our previous boat, SV Eliza.  We sold our Morgan 41 Classic (SV Eliza) about 5 years ago and purchased a Manta 42 MK IV Sailcat.  When we did this I started using a new website, to chronicle our adventure.  That was over 20,000 miles ago, how time flies when you’re having  fun!  For several years we spent almost the entire year aboard Tookie sailing to many of the best destinations from the Florida Keys to the Virgin Islands.  We still spend a few months per year aboard and most recently were sailing the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.


PS If you’re looking for some of the old files I had on Blairpage drop me a line and I’ll see if I can dig it up for your.

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