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Wednesday October 17, evening report

We made Thunderbolt Marina in Savannah GA around 12:30 pm today.  Jack has it more like 121:15 pm.  Either way we’re continuing to make great time.  Departure from the Wye River was just 9 days ago and we’re now well over half way home.  We’re also making some changes.  We’ll take a little breather here and do a partial crew change.  Jack’s wife Sue is coming up with our friends Jim and Binnie Luciano.  Sue will continue the trip home with Jack and I will be attending a wedding in Dallas.  If all goes well Sue and Jack will probably bring the boat home the rest of the way.  Just in case they want a relief team Robin and I will be on call until they pull in to Tarpon Bay.  I’ve had a great trip down with Jack and got to do a trip I’ve always wanted to do.

So now we’ll spend a couple of days relaxing and visiting with Jim and Binnie then the trip will continue with Sue and Jack.  I think Jack and I were very compatible as co-captains and at the same time I’m also very certain he’ll much prefer Sue the rest of the way.  See you guys back at TBYC



Port Tank: 17″

Stbd Tank: 19″

Engine Hours: 4491.4

Maint performed:

Changed potable water filter

Added 1 qt Rotella T to main engine to bring level back up to red dot

Checked connections to alternator and found them all to be tight and clean


Below are a couple of photos of the thunderheads forming the day we arrived at our anchorage at White Side Creek:




We got a LOT of real nice sunsets.



Yours truly after I finally shaved:



I can’t remember which bridge this was.  It was a real treat for me to go right around all those sailboats without waiting for an opening.



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